Not an impostor.

Not an impostor.

Chris G Barnes is an author living in Austin, Texas.  He spends most of his time reading, riding his motorcycle, and ingesting clinically dangerous amounts of coffee.

This site contains what is probably the best collection of information known to exist on Chris G Barnes.  If you happen to find yourself thirsting for more, try some the links below.



Chris's Work

Little Hats, a short story by Chris G Barnes  

Finalist, 2013 Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest



Now available on Amazon!

A man is journeying across an empty world with no memory of his path or his destination. Whenever he attempts to penetrate the cloud in his mind, he can only find two things: Go North. Find Her.

A stranger named Jigo appears to the man and insists on joining his quest. Who is this stranger and where did he come from? Is he a friend or just another figment of the man’s imagination, conjured to fill the desolate road he travels on? The only way to find out is to take Jigo with him, all the way to the end.


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